Smart new world @ CES 2018

15th January 2018
Smart new world @ CES 2018

Sifting the worthwhile from the whacky,  at just-concluded  CES 2018, the world's biggest consumer electronics show, to find out what will touch India....
January 15 201: The first big technology show of the  new year-- CES in Las Vegas --  is also the biggest   global platform  for consumer electronics and gadgetry.  On this page we don't waste your time dwelling on  the weird and the whacky -- from cuddly 'breathing' robots that soothe you to sleep, to  scent pods that  dish out smells to match your mood,  to a smart toilet where you can speak  a command to. But we  share technology that will actually touch you in 2018. And this year, it's all about smartening  the  devices we already use -- with a large dollop of Artificial Intelligence, turning  a plain vanilla  tool into rich casata  experience. Here's what's in store for us this year:
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Your PC is watching you!
HP has reinvented the  desk PC giving it a radical new shape --  a cloth-covered cylinder with built-in speaker and mike, turning it into an audio entertainment system. It  comes with Amazon's Alexa   smart assistant, so you can speak your instructions to the desktop -- and also control other home devices. A winking LED  reminds you that Alexa is listening -- always. Some might find that creepy. The HP Pavilion Wave Desktop  is a full-fledged Windows 10 machine with 8 GB RAM, 1 TB of hard disk space and will be

Smart display is a home hub
Lenovo has  harnessed that other smart alec -- Google Voice Assistant -- in its  Smart Display. This looks like a photo frame in two sizes, 8 inch or 10 inch,   and lets you video-call friends, watch YouTube  and manage your connected home appliances.   The Voice Assistant can be taught to  read out your schedule for the day, provide  traffic updates or help Amma with a recipe. It uses Qualcomm's Home Hub and  will be available  later this year at prices starting at $ 200 (Rs 13,00)

AI in your phone
Huawei, makers of the Honor range of smart phones, have unveiled the first AI-powered  handsets with a neural chip in addition to the main processor under the hood. It  uses face recognition to identify the owner and  open the phone,  trains itself to anticipate your usage and  translates text using Microsoft  Translator.  The first AI-driven phone is the Honor View 10 to be followed by  Honor 7x.

1 TB between fingers!
Solid state storage continues to shrink in size  and at CES 2018, Western Digital showed  the world's smallest 1 terabyte  USB Type C  Flash storage on a stick.   This is not yet ready to roll out  but the company also unveiled  a 256 GB USB 3.0  stick -- the smallest so far. If you can afford the asking price of $ 149 ( just under Rs 10,000), you can carry  14,000 photos,  10 hours of HD video and 16,000 songs between your fingers.

Item 5
Multiple cards in one
Tired of carrying multiple credit and debit  cards? Perhaps the most exciting personal tech at CES this year was an all-in-one Wallet Card from a company called Dynamics. Working with Visa, MasterCard and  various banks, the card  substitutes for all your bank  and credit cards on one piece of plastics. What's more, it has an on-card display, so that the  notification after every transaction that you now get as an SMS will be instantly displayed.  You can toggle between cards,  check your balance on the display at any time  ... and most usefully, you can recharge  the card, and even block the card  and request a replacement instantaneously.  The Dynamics Wallet card will be offered by various banks  in the coming months.