Ethereal machines co founders with 3D CNC machine
Indian startup wins accolade at CES for 3-D printer

Las Vegas, January 13 2018: Bangalore-based  start up Ethereal Machines,  has won the ‘best of innovation’ award at the  CES 2018 show in Las Vegas this week for their  5 axis printing system. 
In addition to being an additive 3D printer their machine named Halo is also a subtractive CNC milling machine -- that is, a hybrid printer.. With a total surface area of  900 mm x 900 mm, it  is a desktop machine.
Cofounders Kaushik Mudda and Navin Jainet created the company when they were  in final year of college. Now, the startup has neary 20 employees and is already thinking of expanding to a larger facility. “We were already manufacturing CNC Routers, so innovating on the five-axis printer came naturally for us,” adds Mudda. 
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