SuperSchool offers 50+ educational games for primary school kids

13th November 2017
SuperSchool offers 50+ educational games for primary school kids

On the eve of Children's Day, a focus on  cool tools for the young
November 13 2017: A recently launched edutainment app, has quickly gained one lakh young users, thanks to its canny mix of  fun-n-games with some serious learning.  SuperSchool, a free download for Android devices  is the brainchild of  management grads, brothers and cofounders Aditya and Arnav Mukherjee of the Delhi-based  Toko Innovation Studios.
Thankfully free of advertisements, SuperSchool offers  over 50 games  including  'Alphabet Trace' for toddlers;  'Spell It Right', a spelling game for pre-schoolers;  'Wizard Math', a painless introduction  to arithmetic;  'Grammar Flight' ,  which uses balloons to  help learn about nouns, verbs etc;  'Gigi's Piano' which helps unleash the musical talent of kids  and 'Bank It' which inculcates  the saving habit.
A number of spoken e-books as well as   classic nursery rhymes  round off the menu.  A version for iOS and iPhone  is  getting ready.   SuperSchool is currently free though some premium paid content may be added in the future.
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