ICICI Bank leverages Siri voice bot to ease customer remittances to India

04th November 2017
ICICI Bank leverages Siri voice bot to ease customer remittances to India

Mumbai, November 4 2017:  India’s largest private sector bank., ICICI Bank,  has launchedmnthe first voice-based international remittance service to enable non-resident Indians (NRIs) to send money to any bank in India. With this new feature within the ICICI Bank’s Money2India app, an NRI customer can instantly initiate a remittance to his or her existing payees in India with just a simple voice command to Apple’s virtual voice assistant, Siri, on  an Apple iPhone  or  iPad.
The customer needs to simply speak out the ‘nickname’ of the registered payee in the Money2India (M2I) app to whom he/she wants to send the money to and the amount to be sent. For example, the customer can initiate the process by simply saying “Send $100 to Mom with Money2India”. Based on this voice instruction, Siri converts the voice command to text using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and populates an interface for confirmation with the details. The customer is no longer required to enter the payee name or amount to be transferred, since he/she would be using a voice command to provide instructions to Siri. 
|Upon confirmation of the details by the customer, Siri passes the request to the M2I app through the Siri payment API and opens the app on the device. The customer now only needs to login into the M2I app and confirm the auto-populated details of the transaction for the money to be sent. The entire process is secured by the two factor authentication parameter of device authentication and secure login by the customer. All transactions take place on the secure servers of ICICI Bank within the M2I app itself and no confidential or financial information is shared.
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Says ICICI Bank Executive Director Vijay Chandok: "With the integration of our Money2India remittance app with Apple’s Siri, we are offering our NRI customers a unique combination of speed and an enriched experience of executing a transaction by just a voice command. We are the first in India and among few banks globally to enable customers to initiate a cross border remittance with just a simple voice command."