Indian enterprises yet to take cyber security seriously: Fortinet survey

13th October 2017
Indian enterprises  yet to take cyber security seriously: Fortinet survey

October  13 2017:  Global   enterprise  security solutions leader,Fortinet,  has released  announced the findings of its new Global Enterprise Security Survey which finds that  Indian businesses are not treating cyber security as a top priority -- yet.
On the  global stage, the research reveals that despite high profile cyberattacks continuing to occur, almost half of IT decision makers (ITDMs) at 250+ employee organizations around the world, including India, still believe that business executives are not making cybersecurity a significant enough priority or focus. However, many IT professionals believe that the transition to the cloud as part of their organizations’ digital transformation will in turn make security a growing priority.
India Research Highlights:
Board members are not treating cybersecurity as a top priority: 42% of IT decision makers in India believe that IT security is still not a top priority discussion for the board. This doesn’t seem to affect budgets since 74% of enterprises stated that they spend over 10% of their IT budget on security, which is a high investment. 89% of the surveyed respondents said their IT security budget has increased from the previous year. Now, IT decision makers feel strongly that cybersecurity should become a top management priority with 87% of the respondents saying that the board should actually put IT security under greater scrutiny.