DesiClik serves US based Indians as a one-stop shop

27th September 2017
DesiClik serves US based Indians as a one-stop shop

Bangalore, September 27 2017: For  US based persons of Indian origin, them the online market place  has come as a boon. 
The portal based in Hicksville, New York state,  sources more than 10,000 products from  nearly 100 vendors  covering  groceries, apparel, books, music and movie DVDs, as well as uniquely Indian things like ayurvedic products, traditional wedding accessories,  Rakhis and Diwali  diyas.  If after a few years in the US you crave for  the authentic taste of  Haldiram namkeen or mysore pak;  need puja samagri for a religious ceremony  or  the nostalgic aroma of Coorg coffee,  DesiClik  has it somewhere on its site -- at dollar prices. 
Formerly known as,  DesiClik  is now the  largest US-based e-commerce marketplace for Indian products.  It was co-founded in 2014 by Deepak Agarwal and Sadhana Bothra  and now caters to  US based casual shoppers, Indian restaurants  and  Indo-US corporates looking for gifting solutions.  A PayPal and Ipsos survey  found that  US based e-commerce sites  took $ 3.9 billion from Indian buyers in 2016. 
Now DesiClik is all set to  extend its reach  by   making it easy for India-based buyers  to shop with it. This flows from a growing trend that saw  10 percent of its US sales originating from India -- mostly those  here wanting to send gifts to friends and relatives in the US. Over 60 percent of the PIO population in the US has  parents  and relatives back home When DesiClik launches an Indian site, it will be that much simpler for India-based customers to have gifts and merchandise delivered in the US in a secure fashion -- instead of cajoling friends or colleagues to carry them  when  they travel to America.   Bengaluru, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad are the  main cities   from where  DesiClik expects to see  enhanced business.