Dell has launched a VRE headset to work with the updated Windows 10 that has Mixed Reality add-ons
Microsoft announces next free update to Windows 10 desktop software

Legal users will be invited to download the  Windows 10 Fall Creators Update starting from October 17.
Bangalore, September 7 2017: The  fourth free upgrade to Microsoft's Windows 10 operating  system  has been announced. It will be available for download, starting October 17 -- and  consolidates some of the new features and improvements that the company has been previewing for some months now.
If you disregard the incremental tweaks, there are  possibly 3-4 additional features  of which the biggest is the inclusion of a new platform for  what Microsoft calls Mixed Reality -- a combo of  Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.  The  October availability of the update is being synced with the launch of VR/AR headsets by hardware partners like Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo etc  which are expected to cost the equivalent of $ 300 ( around Rs 20,000 to $ 500 (Rs 33,000).  However this feature that Windows  first unveiled in March this year and  demonstrated  this week, at  ongoing IFA tech show in Berlin, may have to compete with  upcoming the AR systems  from Google/Android and soon from Apple/iOS that are embedded into smart phones and don't need extra  hardware.
One useful new feature will be "Files on Demand, which will work for Windows users who have also signed up for  the free cloud storage in One Drive.   Now you will be able to work interchangeably on files at  desktop or drive with a single click.. which means   Windows platforms with minimum onboard storage can do all their work on the desktop and preserve their work in One Drive.
The Fall Creators upgrade is also expected to keep a promise Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made to bring its eye tracking software to Windows 10... enabling users with severe physical disabilities to control the screen with eyes alone.  
Another promised addition is Windows I,  the upgraded stylus writing technology. After the Fall update you will be able to draw in a PDF files --- for example signing a document.
Cortana,  the Windows smart assistant is likely to see integration with other smart ladies -- like Amazon's Alexa... which only proves the old adage: 'If you can't fight 'em, join 'em!'
Microsoft has already rolled out alerts to Windows 10 users, inviting them to  book their updates.