Smartron unveils AI & IoT platform tronX

28th August 2017
Smartron unveils AI & IoT platform tronX

A Hyderabad-based  developer has created an Indian platform where Artificial Intelligence meets the Internet of Things, to  make your life simpler.

Hyderabad, August 28 2017: Indian technology products  company, Smartron,  has made a bold claim to fame. During a media  tour of its   Hyderabad facility last week, it  unveiled tronX -- claimed to be the world's first 'intelligent ecosystem' that connects a range of devices, sensors & systems to a   central core and  offers  intelligent  experiences and services targeting personal, home, health and infrastructure verticals -- for starters.
tronX as it is called,  is the 'brain outside the body', an intelligent  system that does your thinking for you. With a wealth of data at its disposal, it can foresee events and offer  appropriate suggestions. From controlling the air conditioning  in your home to controlling temperature in a greenhouse,  to triggering  a suggestion for a visit  your  doctor,  tronX does everything ...sometimes even without asking.  You go to a supermarket or  retail store  and a system there,  recognises your facial features  from a previous visit and automatically suggests your shopping list based on your past preference.
tronX not only gathers data from various devices but also exchanges data between them. And some of the Smartron devices,  launched in India over the past year,  are already serving as  nodes on a tronX platform. The t·phone mobile  connects with the AC,  to monitor power consumption. The t·band wearabl,   connects with the t·bike to monitor the miles covered.  At the other end of the scale, tronX hopes to run civic infrastructure more efficiently, with little or no human intervention.

Currently  tronX is being deployed in 4 verticals:
tronX Personal offers personalised and localized entertainment, travel, shopping, financial or health tools across  personal devices.  
tronX Health monitors  and  manages medical history, insurance data and preventive solutions from a range of partners  in the health space.
tronX Home is a smart home offering  that helps control locking mechanisms, security updates, home appliances, services like water, electricity  and  payment modules through a voice assistant.
tronX Infra is an AI assisted system that covers a range of management services like security, lighting, climate, tracking and connectivity for buildings, retail, warehouses, cold storage, trucking, logistics etc.
Says Smartron's founder-Chairman,   Mahesh Lingaredy:  “tronX is  a kind of next generation  OS designed to run seamlessly across wide range of devices, sensors, vehicles and systems, delivering highly intelligent and localized experiences, services and care support critical to IOT success. We are opening up  this  very Indian ecosystem to our partners  who are helping us in delivering innovative  hardware and software solutions.”