Easy way to file your income tax returns

17th July 2017
Easy way to file your income tax returns

You can choose between doing it yourself for free or getting professional help for a modest fee at this web portal or mobile app.
Bangalore, July 17 2017: Less than three weeks to go for  salaried persons and pensioners to file their annual income tax returns!   The process  has become progressively easier in recent years,  thanks to e-filing and Internet -- though the actual  steps are not noticeably simpler, thanks to government  piling up new things it wants you to declare, with every  passing financial year.
If past years are a guide, the official Income Tax department website tends to slow down  or act up, in the days before the July 31 deadline.  But thankfully, government has authorised  some e-filing websites, operated by private agencies.  
We  are not saying it's the only one of its kind, but we found   All India ITR to be a clean and simple interface, with a helpful process flow where can  ask basic questions,  get your doubts cleared, before  self-calculating your payable IT, after uploading the Form 16, containing details of any  tax that might have been collected at source.   You can also generate necessary documentation like rent receipts if you like so many have not done so earlier.
If you are OK with calculating your tax, you can file your returns at  AllIndiaITR for free. But if you need help from a chartered accounted, that is  available for the modest fee of Rs 499.  You can also use the site subsequently to track  any refunds you might accept.
If you choose, particularly if your return is straightforward, you can chose to do it entirely from your mobile phone, having downloaded the  app from the Google Play Store (Android)  or the  App Store (iOS) for free.