YES Bank & Indus OS create UPI e-payments platform

05th July 2017
YES Bank &  Indus OS create UPI e-payments platform

Bangalore, July 5 2017: Indus OS,  the multilingual Indian smartphone operating system has teamed with  YES Bank to launch a UPI payment system built into the OS. Indian consumers can access an the UPI payment platform, without the hassle of downloading and storing an external app. 
They can use the UPI payment platform directly on the SMS/ Messaging and Dialler interface.  Phones with this UPI feature built-in are expected to hit the streets in this quarter.
The Indus Keyboard will have a ₹ symbol through which users can initiate UPI transactions within the messaging/chatting app. They can directly transfer money to the person they are chatting with by simply clicking the ₹ symbol. the user they are messaging/chatting with. This will work on SMS and on third party messaging apps such as WhatsApp. The contacts app on any smartphone running Indus OS will allow users to send money directly to anyone in their contact list
The UPI facilitation follows on the heels of an earlier launch this year,  after Indus OS  became the first ever Aadhaar-authenticated OS. It had  tied up with Newark, New Jersey-US based  Delta ID, a specialist in iris scan technology to put Aadhaar eye-scan  interface on Indus -fuelled phones.  Our story here.