Kathrein opens Bangalore centre to showcase innovative telecom solutions

15th June 2017
Kathrein  opens  Bangalore centre to showcase innovative  telecom solutions
Kathrein executives Ashwini Bakshi ( left) and Frank Weber at the company's stand at CommunicAsia, Singapore. ( Inset Kathrein Inside Connect antennas). Photo: Anand Parthasarathy

Bangalore, June 15 2017:  Leading  Rosenheim, Germay-headquartered  international specialist for in communication technologies– Kathrein --  has set up a new regional customer experience centre, in Bangalore, to showcase  its current and future technologies in 4G and 5G networks and smart urban solutions.
The company   hopes to partner with India-based telecom providers in  areas like Smart Cities  and at last month's CommunicAsia expo in Singapore, showcased its product innovations.    Some of them appeared to be truly disruptive and  relevant for India.  Consider:
Kathrein Street Connect  is a microcell solution for optimal mobile coverage in inner cities.  The antenna is installed not a height -- but in the ground -- under street manhole covers, creating dense  but unobtrusive hotspots for street-level users. 
Another solution that was developed for particularly lively spots such as city centres is Kathrein Inside Connect. This is a modular system integrated into billboards, advertising columns and bus shelters and is therefore not visible. Indoors, the antenna could be built into furniture.
These solutions  might find application in India, as more  Smart Cities come on the map with the promise of  wide-spread   public WiFi networks.
Demonstrating these  solutions at Communicasia,  Ashwini Bakshi,  Kathrein's Managing Director for Asia Pacific  and  Frank Weber, Group Vice President and Head of Marketing,  said the company was already set to launch a suite of  new solutions to cater to 5G -- when the new standard becomes operational in a year or two.  Kathrein 5G innovations on display included  antennas using innovative  glass-ceramic  radiators  where the filters were embedded. 
Ericsson predicts that Asia Pacific will emerge as the second fastest growing region for 5G subscriptions with 10% being 5G in 2022
Many of these current and upcoming solutions can be seen in the 300 square metre  Bangalore showroom which includes technology demos, training courses, and a test and diagnostic lab. Special focus is  on developing software for regional solutions and customer requirements. Also showcased are areas like  vehicle connectivity, Internet of Things, building digitalisation and smart cities.
“Our new customer centre in Bangalore is a place where you can experience Kathrein’s quality and technology at first hand,”  said Bakshi.