ASUS software update doubles battery life

09th June 2017
ASUS software  update doubles battery life

Bangalore, June 9 2017: A new  software upgrade launched by Asus for its Zenfone 3 Max series of phonea promises a doubling of  battery life.
The PowerMaster app brings with it a dashboard of 9 technologies that enable users to optimally squeeze more power out of their smartphones. With a range of battery saving modes, the PowerMaster app provides intelligent ways of charging, reducing energy consumption on unnecessary apps, and allows the users to enjoy stronger battery performance.
It increases battery longevity by charging the phone intelligently, decreases the loss of capacity from the usual 15% to  7%, clears all background apps after an extended session and provides support in detecting battery draining apps

The upgrade is equipped with nine  battery-extending technologies:
2X LifeSpan: With the PowerMaster’s 2X Lifespan option turned on, battery’s longevity is extended drastically. The feature charges the phone intelligently to increase the amount of charge cycles the phone battery can normally support, and decreases the loss of capacity from the usual 15% to 7%. It also manages to charge the battery while generating absolutely minimal heat. As a result, the battery ages slower while performing at its best.
Reverse Charge: With its large capacity batteries, Zenfone 3 Max smartphones possess a Reverse Charging feature which allows charging of other USB Devices with an OTG cable. To avail this benefit, users need to plug in the OTG cable to the Zenfone 3 Max, and plug in the USB charging cable to the device that needs to be charged.Scan: The Scan mode aids in optimization of the smartphone’s battery. It provides a list of suggested optimizations that enable efficient power consumption.
Auto-start Manager: The Auto-start Manager offers customization of the Start-up apps that the users really need. This helps in saving precious power that otherwise would be consumed liberally and wasted on unnecessary apps each time the users start their phones.
Battery Modes: The PowerMaster app offers a range of battery modes that deliver value to suit different lifestyles. It has five different battery modes that allow intelligent battery saving capabilities, and two Smart Switches that are tailor-made to deliver benefits suitable to the user. The five Battery modes are – Performance mode, Normal mode, Power Saving mode, Super Saving mode and Customized mode. The two Smart Switches are - Switch by Battery level and Switch by Schedule. All these modes allow intelligent battery saving.
Boost: This feature boosts battery backup by clearing all the background apps after an extended session. It keeps the memory clear and helps processor to cut down on processing unnecessary apps that may stay active in the background.
PowerSafe: Zenfone batteries are known for being amongst the best and safest smartphone batteries in the world. They feature technologies like Temperature Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Reset Protection, I/O Over-Voltage & Over-Current Protection, Battery TCO Protection, and Charger Protection amongst many others for ensuring a safe smartphone experience.
Last Longer: The Last Longer feature displays a host of options that allow the users to achieve maximum battery savings per charge. It lets them auto-deny third-party installed apps from auto-startups, detect battery draining apps, clean-up apps in stand-by, and offers quick toggles that help with power conservation.
Battery Usage: The Battery Usage feature takes the users to the Android Battery Usage information that shows detailed battery usage statistics per charge.
The upgrade is available across Zenfone 3 Max series through an update that has already been rolled out to the usersThe PowerMaster app will also be available for the older version of the Zenfone Max series.

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