Signal Networks CEO, Anand Mallya, detailing the ICM and IMG systems ( IndiaTechOnline Photo)
Indian telecom developer creates one-box network and mobile solutions

Integates multiple telecom channels; optimises land-to mobile calls

Bangalore-based telecom solutions provider Signal Networks, has unveiled a novel one-box solution for integrated voice, data and GSM mobile connectivity which promises to cut communication infrastructure and expenditure for small businesses, hotels, hospitals or educational institutions, by about a third. Claimed to be the first of its kind anywhere, the Integrated Communication Manager or “Network in a Box” ( ICM D-78) combines the functionality of ISDN voice/data, cellular GSM and broadband internet and allows corporate to mix and match these communication channels across their establishments. Signal Networks has obtained Telecom Engineering Centre approval in India as well as endorsement of one of the leading cellular players in Inda, said CEO and Managing Director Anand Mallya. The company had patented its innovation and the US patent was expected to be granted shortly he added.
Also unveiled this week is another single box solution, the Integrated Mobile Gateway (IMG), which converts fixed-line-to-mobile calls to mobile-to-mobile calls thereby reaping the benefits of low same-carrier tariffs that GSM cellular providers offer. For example if the customer dials out from a land line in the office, to a mobile number ,the IMG box routes this to one of, up to 32 mobile SIMS that can be embedded in the system. The smart system then selects the SIM of the same called number and it leaves the establishment as a mobile to mobile call on the same network… which is in many case a free or very cheap call. Customers can install the SIMS of multiple providers so that the calls can be routed through the same provider.
Both systems are scalable from 8 to 32 channels and Signal engineers explained that they were primarily targeting telecom providers to offer these units as in-premise units to their corporate subscribers, and hence were not costing the end price, to the customer. However ICM units were expected to be priced Rs 1,60,000 upwards, and were said to be compelling equipment prices at these levels when the cost of installing heterogenous telecom gateways was computed. 

May 20 2010