Intel launches slew of AI initiatives in India

06th April 2017
Intel launches slew of AI initiatives in India
From left: Wipro, HP Enterprise, Calligo and Julia Computing-- collaborating with Intel on AI solutions in India, showcase their work at the Intel AI Day event in Bangalore. Photo: Anand Parthasarathy / IndiaTechOnline

Bangalore, 4th  April 2017: Intel India has launched an AI Developer Education Programme, targeted at educating 15,000 scientists, developers, analysts, and engineers on key ArtificiaI Intelligence  technologies, including Deep Learning and Machine Learning.
Through 60 programmes during the year, including workshops, roadshows, user group and roundtables, the initiative aims equip this community with the knowhow for adoption of AI by providing ready-to-deploy platforms and tools for solution development.
The company made  this announcement at its first AI Day in India earlier this week.
Said Prakash Mallya, Managing Director, Intel South Asia: “As India undergoes rapid digital transformation, the data centre and the intelligence behind the data collected will enable the government and industry to make effective decisions based on algorithms. This means increasing opportunities for using AI in the country, and to make this happen, Intel India is collaborating with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Wipro, Julia Computing and Calligo Technologies, by enabling them with AI solutions based Intel architecture.”
“Our collaboration with the industry and the academia will help democratize AI, by reducing entry barriers for developers, data scientists and students. In India, we are targeting the BFSI, telecom, and e-commerce sectors, across High Performance Computing (HPC), big data, and Internet of Things, all of which are complementary to AI”, he added.
Last month, the company also announced a cross-Intel organization – the Artificial Intelligence Products Group (AIPG), which will align Intel’s AI efforts, and rally the industry around a set of standards for AI that ultimately brings down costs and makes AI more accessible to more people – not only institutions, governments and large companies, as it is today.
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Intel also aims to set up an applied AI research lab dedicated to pushing the forefronts of computing to explore architectural and algorithmic approaches to inform future generations of AI.
AI is the fastest growing workload in the data centre, growing at two times the overall computing market. By 2020, the industry expects more servers running data analytics than any other workload, and analytics predictors will be built into every application. Intel powers 97 percent of data centre servers running AI workloads -- which explains why the company is evangelising  an end-to end  AI-friendly hardware and software continuum.  The company’s  recent acquisitions,  including Saffron, Movidius, Nervana Systems and Mobileye,  are aimed to further Intel’s AI capabilities.