New update to Windows 10 coming

30th March 2017
New update to Windows 10 coming
3-D is easy on the new Windows 10 Creators


March 30 2017: Microsoft has announced a major update to Windows 10 --  the Windows 10 Creators Update -- rolling out around the world on April.
The update provides some new  tools. These include:
·         3D for Everyone and Enabling Mixed Reality: With the new Paint 3D app in the Creators Update, it’s simple to create 3D objects from scratch, easily changing colors, stamping textures, or turning a 2D picture into a 3D work of art. offers pre-made 3D art in a growing online library for your use or you can share your own creation with this creative community.
.         Game Broadcasting is Simple and Interactive with Beam: Microsoft is delivering more ways to play, interact, share and enjoy across Windows 10 and Xbox One. With Beam, we’re inviting Creators on Windows 10 PC and Xbox One to stream gameplay and interact with community in real-time using Beam’s ultra low-latency – no extra hardware or software required. With Beam, you don’t just watch your favourite game streams, you can chat, interact and participate with streamers and community in entirely new ways.
·         Microsoft Edge is Faster and Safer with Better Browsing and Entertainment: With the Creators Update, the makers have  added new features like advanced tab management to help you find, organize and open tabs you’ve set aside without leaving the page you’re on. You can now discover and get your favorite e-books in Windows Store and read them in Microsoft Edge across all of your Windows 10 devices. And, it is the only browser that can play Netflix movies and TV shows in 4K Ultra HD resolution
·         Additional Security and Privacy Protections: Window 10 now offers a new service to help you monitor your security, the Windows Defender Security Centre. It offers a single dashboard display so you can control your security options from one place – everything from anti-virus, network and firewall protection; to assessing your device performance and health; to security controls for your apps and browser; to family safety options. The Device Health Advisor gives you information on the vital signs of your device, and new settings give you more control over app installation.
More information on the Windows 10 Creators Update  in this blog from Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s Windows and Devices Group.
For a few days we have a brief video on Windows 10 Creators in our  Tech Video Spot th the home page