Samsung says your TV could be a work of art

21st March 2017
Samsung  says your TV could be a work of art
Samsung says your TV could be a work of art

 Say hello to the new trend in television design -- TV as art -- launched by Samsung,  in the art capital of the world, Paris.
Paris, Mar 17 2017: TV has gone into art mode -- and where better to launch the trend than in the  world's most 'arty' capital, Paris and just metres below the largest collection of its art, the Louvre!  The shifting goalposts of technology, see major TV makers play catch up with each other to offer similar technology -- like Ultra High Definition or 4K;  HDR or High Dynamic Range  and various avatars of LED screens --  at  near similar price points.
So how to distinguish yourself from the pack?  Korean electronics giant  Samsung,  through a challenge to  industrial designers: make  its ultra high definition or 4K smart TV  set work all day, not  merely for the average 4 hours that people worldwide watch programmes. (more like 8 hours in many Indian houses, but let that pass!)
Swiss  designer Yves Behar principal artiste with FuseProject, rose to the challenge and created  a TV that 'disappears into the decor'  of the wall -- it is made to look like a framed work of art, hanging on the wall. What's more, if the customer has other ( real) works of art hanging, the TV's bezels can be  changed to resemble a variety of frames, white, black, brown, veneer.  Samsung's   4K  TVs are so thin-n-light, they can be hung flush with the wall and become indistinguishable from  other work of art hung alongside. 
"TV takes up valuable space in homes", said Behar at the  Paris launch,  "Why not make it work for you when it is not in use?"
 Stop watching programmes and the TV morphs into a work of art -- displaying your choice from a library of 100 famous paintings  for which rights have been obtained.   It is more than just a smart TV. A motion sensor detects when someone is in front of the  TV -- and the art switches on. An optical  sensor judges the ambient  light and adjusts the precise brightness of the image displayed to blend with other art on the wall.  No jokes, in a    wall of art, it is difficult tell which is canvas  and which is TV.
Samsung's  TV which does double duty as art is called simply, The Frame.   It is being launched worldwide later this year.  The French say, 'C'est la vie!'-- that's life. At the unveiling of the Frame last week they were saying, 'C'est l'art!' -- that's art -- breathing new life into television.