Wipro may be happy ‘best man’ at Indian sangam of SAP-Sybase

14th May 2010
Wipro  may be happy ‘best man’  at Indian  sangam  of  SAP-Sybase

On Thursday, business software leader, SAP’s subsidiary, SAP America, announced a definitive merger agreement to acquire the leading enterprise and mobile software provider, Sybase, in an all- cash offer representing an enterprise value of some $5.8 billion.

Both players have strong presence in India – and interestingly, the buckle that binds them in this market, is Indian IT services leader, Wipro.
Exactly a month ago today, we had reported that SAP has joined with Wipro to offer additional delivery options to its customers. Wipro offered SAP’s Business All-in-One solutions in a pay-by-use software as a service model, where the customer signs up for 2 years minimum. http://www.indiatechonline.com/sap-offerings--for-indian-smes-241.php  
And in March this year, we told you how Wipro again played the key facilitating role to extend SAP applications to a variety of mobile device types, allowing customers to securely access their business-critical enterprise applications while on the move— using Sybase solutions. http://www.indiatechonline.com/viewimage.php?id=121  

Earlier Sybase and SAP had co-developed solutions for extending SAP CRM and SAP Business Suite to mobile devices. Users are now able to leverage Wipro's SAP implementation skills to customize these mobile Solutions, and develop applications for other SAP modules such as SRM SCM, PLM. So clearly the Sybase and SAP teams at Wipro will be delighted this weekend as the two companies become one.
SAP has the larger development muscle in India – some 4000 -plus engineers in Bangalore, while Sybase has a 300-strong  development team in Pune. The general wisdom is that the Sybase acquisition will enable SAP to attain an edge over its rivals, as it can now ‘mobilize’ , its own flagship enterprise business solutions, using Sybase’s clout in this niche. And since India (with China ) is possibly the last remaining major mobile mandi or market, this country will inevitably loom even larger in the future roadmaps of the combined entity. So let’s say suswaagatham, welcome and bless the nuptials ! 

- Anand Parthasarathy in Bangalore, May 14 2010