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Let your selfie speak!

Add  your voice to your selfie
Bangalore, February 21 2017: When  Priyanka Chopra used a  speaking photo  to thank her fans after winning the People’s Choice Awards and Amitabh Bachchan  pasted a ‘speaking poster’ of  the new film, Wazir, they were riding a new trend sweeping the social  media:   adding voice to selfies to create Voxies.
In fact they are using a tool created by IIT Kanpur alumnus Yash Mishra  that  went live  worldwide  at the of IIT Bombay  fest, Mood Indigo, in December.
With the Voxie app available for Android and iOS, you can  take a picture, add add up to 11 seconds of voice note – in lieu of text caption -- and share the speaking picture with anyone.
The resultant ‘speaking pic’ is displayed as an image underline by an orange line. This orange line helps the recipient identify speaking pictures which can be heard upon tapping the pic. The app also has a 4 second selfie timer which  can help you  capture  the context of the selfie –  like a live music concert.


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