Aadhaar-based entry and check-in has come to Indian airports

07th February 2017
Aadhaar-based entry and check-in has come to Indian airports
Wave your hand and enter! Scene at Bangalore International Airport, Aadhaar-based entry gate

A  Jet Airways flight out of Bangalore airport has started a pilot scheme enabling passengers   to use  their Aadhaar number  for entry, check-in,  security check and boarding. Other airports are poised to follow
Bangalore, Feb 7 2017: The hassles of airport entry and  security check  , may ease somewhat -- thanks to your Aadhaar number.  Major airports like Hyderabad and Bangalore have launched pilot projects  which allow passengers to use their Aadhaar numbers to enter the airport and check in at special kiosks.
Hyderabad's Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, launched such a pilot project year  and approached the Unique Identification Authority of India ( UIDAI) to  formally endorse the procedure.
Kempegowda International Airport in Bangalore has moved a step ahead. Last week it  began implementing an Aadhaar-based paperless  biometric verification system at various points for one flight of one airline:   Jet Airways  flight  9W 450  Bangalore- Mumbai.
At entry, a special kiosk  scans the  passenger's hand to match his or her ID.   The boarding pass embedded with the Aadhaar number or a copy on a phone can be  shown  to authenticate the passenger with a show of his or her hand.  At the  frisking stage  and  boarding gate too, the passenger is identified by hand and provided with a  paper stub with the flight details, that is produced at the   aircraft door. 
However passengers  without Aadhaar number can still  choose to be identified by the existing paper procedures. Mumbai and Delhi, may soon offer the Aadhaar option.
See the full  process flow at Bangalore airport