We'll kickstart and converge your Web for you: Virtusa

06th May 2010
We'll kickstart and converge your Web for you: Virtusa
The Trave Channel is fuelled by Virtusa's Media Convergence Accelerator

Massachusetts (US) headquartered and Sri Lankan-founded global IT services company Virtusa Corporation, with its strongest  presence in India,  has unveiled its latest solution: a enterprise content management (ECM) tool: the Media Convergence Solution Accelerator. Leveraging Virtusa’s recent successes in creating interactive Web platforms for leading media brands, the new service promises a consistent, branded user experience that optimizes revenue generation.

“As difficult, as it is, to manage content and technologies across disparate customer portals – but it is also an opportunity to directly impact the customer experience, branding and revenue generation” says Behzad Ilchi, Vice President for Virtusa’s Media and Entertainment segment. “Our Media Convergence Solution Accelerator packages the best practices we’ve developed with some of the biggest media companies and offers 20 plus practical tools to replicate that success.”

“Virtusa played a significant role as a strategic partner for the re-launch of our www.travelchannel.com website,” said Drew Frederick, Senior Director of IT Technology and Operations at Travel Channel, which produces popular shows like No Reservations and Man V. Food.

Virtusa’s Media Convergence Solution Accelerator employs pre-configured technical components like:

Multi-Channel Publishing – allows dynamic and consistent content sharing across multiple channels, including online, mobile Web, mobile applications and print media.
Site Revenue Model – drives exposure and revenue with a branding strategy that is flexible enough to adapt to advertisers’ needs.
Social Media Integration – facilitates engagement by integrating internal and external interactive features such as blogs, wikis, rating/ranking options and social bookmarking.
User Experience Enhancement – consistent meta-data customizes the navigation experience based on user preferences while clear and conceptual content hierarchies and consistent branding ensure an intuitive experience.
Ad Server Integration – unifies portal with multiple ad servers to improve revenue generation.
Video Platform Integration – enables streaming and embedding capabilities while integrating systems and data for improved consistency.
Internationalization and Localization – ensures website and content offer value to consumers in a globalized environment independent of location.
Search Optimization – increases search engine rankings with federated search, keyword-rich URLs and site-specific search capabilities.

This announcement of the Media Convergence Solution Accelerator comes on the heels of Virtusa’s recent introduction of its Enterprise 2.0 Services Suite.

The company operates delivery and development centres in Hyderabad and Chennai. It was co founded in 1996 by Syracuse University graduate and Sri Lankan, Kris Canekeratne. Last month the international Association of Outsourcing Professionals named Virtusa in its list of 10 leaders in the Entertainment and media section of its 2010 Global Outsourcing Hundred.
Website: www.virtusa.com 

May 7 2010