Xerox crafts a transportation app for Bangalore

Bangalore, December 31 2016: Xerox has done for India's Silicon City what it did earlier for Los Angeles and Denver in the US: create multi-modal urban transportation app,to improve the quality of intra-city travel by offering users combinations of cheaper, faster and more sustainable travel options.
Go Bengaluru is the first app aggregator to include the cities new metro line along with the BMTC bus service.
The app also has the capabilities to learn from user behavior and personalize the user's preferences in order to suggest accordingly in the future. For instance, if a female user does not like to share car rides with men, it will only show ride sharing options with women. The app takes an individual’s destination and desired arrival time, and calculates the different routes available, categorized by “Sooner,” “Cheaper,” And “Greener.” 
The Go Bengaluru app is available on both Android and iOS. Web users can also access it from Go Bengaluru website available at