Bosch sets up new reliability testing lab in Bangalore

17th December 2016
Bosch sets up new reliability testing lab in Bangalore
Parallel processing! Multiple ribbon cuttings mark the opening of a new reliability testing lab at Robert Bosch Bangalore

Bangalore, December 17: Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions (RBEI),   has set up a  new reliability testing laboratory in Naganathapura,, here.
The lab offers state of the art infrastructure, equipment and resources to deliver hi-quality Electronic Control Unit  (ECU) testing solutions. The services of the laboratory can be availed by any organization who wants their ECUs tested for reliability.
The expansion is in line with RBEI’s objective to diversify their services and solutions portfolio into non-automotive domains which include aviation, telecommunication, home appliances and Internet of Things devices which are all set for growth in India.
Some of the core focus areas of the laboratory are verifications (resonance and thermal), and accelerated life time testing that include mechanical endurance (vibration, shock and drop), and climatic endurance (thermal, shock, humidity, cycling, corrosion, chemicals, ingress). In addition, the lab will also offer a facility for analysis (microscopic visual inspection, disassembly, cross-sectioning, measurement & analysis).
Based on the needs of the local and India market, reliability engineers from Bosch will use their technical knowledge for adapting and extending tests to be performed on the ECUs especially for Indian conditions, thus allowing a greater degree of local adaptation and success.
“We have developed core competence in testing for India-specific conditions. We believe that this expertise, coupled with our uncompromising focus on quality can deliver product excellence for our customers. It is in line with the Make In India vision as it supports local development, manufacturing and testing.” said Vijay Ratnaparkhe, Managing Director and President, RBEI.