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Now, broadcast video live from Twitter, using Periscope

 December 16 2016: Twitter  has  announced that now anyone can create and  broadcast live video directly from its apps. Powered by Periscope, live video on Twitter allows people to share and experience everything from significant moments to daily life together with an audience - all through a Tweet.
"We started Periscope because we wanted to give people the superpower to share live video with an audience. Bringing this capability directly into the Twitter app is an important step because it brings that superpower to the hundreds of millions of people who use Twitter,” said Kayvon Beykpour, CEO of Periscope. “Twitter's already the place where people go to see what's happening. With this update, anyone can now broadcast what's happening live."
Members of the audience within a live video on Twitter can interact with the broadcaster by commenting and sending hearts to show their support. Tweets that contain live video can be Retweeted, liked, and shared anywhere that people can share a Tweet. Details in this blog


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Now, broadcast video live from Twitter, using Periscope
by Leidy on March  13,  2017
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