An educative blend of bricks and clicks from OUP

Oxford University Press launches a solution for CBSE schools,  that anticipates the coming New Wave in education called 'Blended learning",  mix of classroom  teaching with Internet and digital learning.

Bangalore, December 14 2016: Oxford University Press (OUP)   has launched an end-to-end  integrated learning solution tailord  to the CBSE curriculum in Idia.  Called Oxford Advantage, It  includes lesson plans, question banks, test generator, teacher training and professional development modules, assessment tools for use in school and at home, apps for students, teachers and parents and provision for reports among other features help track the students’ progress throughout the academic year. 

The integrated learning solution  allows  parents to stay updated on their child’s performance and progress. Assessment reports, assignments, dashboard and notification services are available on the Oxford Advantage app. The solution  aoffers a seamless user interface for both print and Learning Management System (LMS) allowing access to school performance and usage tracking at a glance.

Oxford Advantage is based on the  new concept of integrated or blended learning – its modules are designed to be cross-disciplinary, theme and activity-based, aid conceptual learning.

What is Blended learning?

For starters, Oxford Advantage will be offered for classes 1 to 3 in the current year, going up to class 8 over the next two years. Subjects being offered for classes 1 and 2 are English, Hindi, EVS and Mathematics; while class 3 subjects include English, Hindi, Science, Social Studies and Mathematics.

Why has OUP chosen to enter this e-learning arena at thispoint in time?  V Sivaramakrishnan, Managing Director, Oxford University Press India explains: “ From kindergarten to Class 12,  education in India  is going through major changes in India. In the coming decade, we believe   majority of schools will opt for digitised learning and Oxford Advantage is a digitised platform  offering centered on the concept of integrated or blended learning."