Reliance launches IoT as a service

16th November 2016
Reliance launches IoT as a service
Mr Juergen Hase-CEO of UNLIMIT along with CISCO JASPER`S, Sanjay Kaul, Cindy Patterson and Glo Gordon, and Prashant Shrivastava of R

Mumbai, November 16 2016: Last month NASSCOM and Deloitte,  launched a study   'IoT: A Revolution in the Making', which found that the IoT market in India  is worth  $ 5.6 billion with 200 million connected devices in 2016. This is expected to grow to $ 15 billion with 2.7 billion devices by 2020.
Interestingly, startups  account for the  majority (60-65%) of the 120 organizations that form the Indian IoT ecosystem and are expected to drive growth going forward.
But  not all the brainy startups who have innovated in IoT may have the ability to roll out  a solution in its entirety. This calls for a robust platform and  the ability to access a global market.

Limitless opportunity: Which is why the latest initiative of Reliance Group is  very timely:  Yesterday, it announced a new venture, UNLIMIT, dedicated to providing Internet of Things (IoT) services to enterprise customers throughout India.  It will offer a combo of Reliance’s powerful mobile network  plus a connectivity management platform  of Jasper, an IoT specialist now part of Cisco.
Jasper partners with   over 30 mobile operator groups representing over 120 mobile networks worldwide, making it simple for businesses in India to expand their IoT services to new countries as needed. Likewise, companies using the Cisco Jasper platform outside of India can easily expand their connected services into India on Reliance’s network. 
Reliance becomes the first telecommunications services provider in the country to set up a dedicated and integrated IoT business unit committed to helping its Corporate customers achieve their goals. 
Unlimit will work in reverse too, opening up the India  market to global brands.  Its CEO Juergen Hase,  says “IoT is a critical enabler for India’s growth, and businesses throughout the country are already utilizing its huge potential to help deliver innovative new services to their customers, while reducing cost and increasing revenue.".