This Diwali, gold coins offered through an ATM

30th October 2016
This Diwali, gold coins offered through an ATM
Gold ATM at Bangalore's Forum Mall

Bangalore, October 30, 2016:  Tradition meets technology during Diwali this year. Leading online jewellery  player,  has set up ATMs allowing shoppers to purchase gold off a vending machine.
The machines located at Forum Mall in Bengaluru and Select City Walk in Delhi are equipped to dispense certified 24 carat gold coins in denominations of one, two, five, ten and twenty grams.
The concept is aimed at providing exceptional convenience during the festive rush. It also offers the most unique shopping experience for buyers of gold who have so far purchased precious metals either from a jewellery store or online.
BlueStone’s gold ATM has a security guard near it. Since it is placed in a public, guarded space,  there are no security worries. The machine  takes  cash or card.  Like most ATM machines , this on  read debit/credit cards or the cash deposited.
Says Arvind Singhal, COO, “Introduction of the gold ATM during the festive season not only adds convenience to buying gold but is also a means to connect with our customers by providing them with physical touch points. Customers can purchase gold coins of multiple denominations by cash or card, making it ideal for buying gold for gifting or as an investment option.”
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