Akamai report finds Indian Internet speeds lowest in Asia

11th October 2016
Akamai  report finds Indian  Internet speeds lowest in Asia

Bangalore, October 11 2016: The Asia Pacific region continued to lead the world in average peak connection speeds, with the top three global leaders  --Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand --  all found in the region. 
But India is bottom of the class with lowest average connection speeds among surveyed countries in the region -- a pathetic 3.6 MBPS.  (China is only slightly better with 5.2 MBPS). 
Average peak speed for India was at 26.1 MBPS.  Only 2% of Indian connections are above 15 MBPS (China fares worse with 0.6%).  The  average peak connection speeds in the region is  above 100 Mbps.
On mobile devices  the average  and peak speeds  in India are  3.3 MBPS and 19.5 MBPS respectively.
These are findings of  Akamai Technologies' ‘State of the Internet (SOTI) Report’ for the second quarter of  2016
On a global scale, South Korea has the world's highest average connection speed -- 27 MBPS, while Singapore has the highest  average peak speed--157.3 MBPS
According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, the number of broadband subscribers increased from 159.80 Million at the end of June 2016  to 166.96 million at the end of July 2016 with a monthly growth rate of 4.48%. These are the most recent numbers released by TRAI which defines broadband as above 512 kilobits per second, while the rest of the world places  broadband threshold at 1 MBPS  or 1000 KBPS.