A 'timely' app that helps you regulate your time

22nd September 2016
A 'timely' app that helps you regulate your time

Bangalore, September 22, 2016:  TimeOut (www.timeoutapp.in), is an app dedicated to helping people track and manage their time.
It  encourages  users to manage their time within limitations effectively. We can finish checking our emails and finalise our business deals within a 5-minute time frame through TimeOut. What makes TimeOut more special is the ‘time analysis’ feature. TimeOut summarises activities in a pie chart. It is done on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. It gives an accurate data helping track the time spent on each activity. This helps to evaluate and make better choices towards usage of time.
Says Aleem Sheikh, Founder of Talisman ventures which has developed TimeOut: “It is a boon for digital media marketing people. A lot of things are unorganised on one's  smartphone. The app puts every piece in its place and helps you be organised.”
The app  allows setting the time for a specific amount of time and gives the choice to either continue or exit after a pop-up notification. Also, reset the time for a different time frame. Exploring recommendations for better time management is another unique feature of this app. Invite friends and share TimeOut with others.”
"Cell phones are ‘possibly the biggest non-drug addiction of the 21st century. Youngsters and adolescents are more likely to suffer from ‘nomophobia",   Aleem says, “The millennial generation has an added new behavioral addiction – ‘mobile addiction’. People may spend up to nine hours every day on their phones that can lead to dependence on such technologies as a driver of modern life and an example of ‘a paradox of technology,’ that is, both freeing and enslaving. TimeOut is the remedy  for  Nomophobics. It acts as a de-addiction tool by preventing wastage of time and money and undue dependence on meaningless communication.”
TimeOut believes that the all-new time and task tracking application will help people become dedicated to other important tasks and even acquiring new skills rather wasting their time away virtually.
TimeOut is available in App Store or Google Play Store.