InMobi launches multiple video ad formats including vertical

08th September 2016
InMobi launches multiple  video ad formats including  vertical

Bangalore, September 08, 2016:  Mobile advertising and discovery platform InMobi,  has launche a suite of advanced video ad formats in India.
With full screen formats and HD quality videos, advertisers will now be able to offer a TV like experience to users. The platform includes a comprehensive suite of ad formats including vertical videos, interactive videos, 360 degree videos, opt-in videos and in-stream videos.

Vertical Videos: InMobi’s network insights show that 85% of the total app installs in India, are all portrait locked. This makes vertical video a de facto choice for engaging users with immersive content. Vertical-video, a video format that renders in the portrait mode with 9:16 aspect ratio on mobile phones, presents advertisers an opportunity to reach audiences in an engaging, user-first format. As observed by Snapchat, with 9 times the viewing completion rate when compared to horizontal video, Vertical Video is establishing itself as the more natural format for mobile users. InMobi's vertical video ads help democratize the snapchat experience by helping recreate the same across any 3rd party app environment. Also, InMobi’s creative services team helps advertisers rebuild already existing creatives (landscape videos) to vertical video format while keeping the core message intact.
In addition to vertical videos, the suite of ad formats includes:

  1. Interactive Videos: Short form brand videos with interactive rich end cards which increase engagement by 2X compared to videos without end card.
  2. 360 Degree Videos: These video ads offer an immersive and interactive experience for the user.
  3. Opt-In Videos: 15-30 second non-skippable video ads that play at natural break points in the app interaction after a user opts in.
  4. In-Stream Videos: Pre-roll and mid-roll video ads that autoplay seamlessly within video content.

InMobi saw a 150% growth in video ad plays on mobile in India in the first half of 2016. Clearly Indian users are adopting mobile as their first and primary device for consuming video content. As advertisers build their arsenal for driving awareness and sales during the Diwali season, InMobi’s comprehensive video advertising platform is enabling advertisers to deliver highly engaging mobile marketing campaigns.
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