Nuance launches transcription engine for call centres in Hindi and Indian English

06th September 2016
Nuance launches transcription engine for call centres in Hindi and Indian English

India,September 6, 2016, Nuance Communications,   better known to lay consumers as the makers of the Dragon Naturally Speaking voice regognition tool,  have brought the  Nuance Transcription Engine (NTE) for contact centres,  to India --  powerful, fast and accurate engine that can quickly transform large amounts of recorded audio into actionable assets across a wide range of industries including financial services, banks, telcoms, insurance, and airlines to improve the operational efficiency of contact centers, as well as improving the customer experience. It is available in Hindi and 'Indian English'.
By applying highly accurate transcription capabilities, NTE quickly and reliably produces search-optimized text from a multi-speaker audio file, helping businesses turn enormous volumes of audio into a meaningful asset by mining the wealth of data it contains. NTE supports 21 languages and 36 dialects, with additional languages rolling out regularly, to increase efficiency and streamline operations around the world.
Nuance is extending its portfolio of Enterprise solutions to support the transcription needs of a range of organizations and applications including freeform audio in Enterprises, broadcast media, and analytics among others. For example, with NTE, an organization can:

  • Transcribe large volumes of audio content within an organization’s call center to provide rich customer insights and improve service, as well as produce rapid transcription of broadcast media to understand and analyze what is being said in near-real time worldwide;
  • Fully transcribe corporate audio and video assets for rapid search and indexing; and
  • Capture and document what is being said in a conference room to create accurate automated archives of critical conversations. NTE can also act as a key enabling technology utilized by organizations for speech analytics or for insights pertaining to compliance.

“Time is extremely valuable in today’s age, making increased automation a superb value add. With quicker and more accurate transcription of audio, Nuance Transcription Engine is providing the valuable insights that organizations desire,” said Jason Stirling, senior vice president and general manager, APAC, Nuance. “Having a transcription engine which supports Indian English and Hindi language means enhanced market penetration. We are quite excited about this new language support addition to NTE which is backed by Nuance’s vast experience in speech and natural language understanding to unlock, capture and mine data to eventually extract requisite intelligent insights.”  Find the product brochure here