Games can be serious business, India finds

29th August 2016
Games can be serious business, India finds
From the Facebook page of All India Gaming Federation

Bangalore, August 29 2016: Yes,  there are such things as serious games -- though that sounds like a contradiction in terms! Also called applied games, they are designed for a purpose other than pure entertainment. Typically,  serious games are meant  to train, educate or promote -- in sectors such as education, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, travel and logistics. 
In recognition of its business potential, NASSCOM   has formed a   special interest group  or SIG  -- under the aegis of its Gaming Forum -- and is hosting its  first-ever  industry get-together on Applied Games  in Mumbai, on August 31. The event  will see presentation of use cases of games in life-sciences;  research & behavioral science methods applied in games and emerging technologies like Virtual Reality, Holograms & Artificial Intelligence that can be used in games for enterprises.   The meeting is hosted  by TCS at its Mumbai office. Now, you can play -- in office time -- and be paid for it!
Gaming  means business in other ways too. According to the latest FICCI-KPMG report, the gaming industry  in India  is growing at a brisk  14.3 percent and will be a Rs 45 billion market by 2019.   
Earlier this month,  a nonprofit All India Gaming Federation (AIGF)   was  formed in  Mumbai. It will bring   together  all stakeholders including games  operators, players, games developers and  payment gateways.