India prime target of China-based cloud cyber crime?

Action replay of Dec ’09 scenario, this time by unoffical Chengdu-based hackers, say Canadian researchers; but Indian reaction is laid-back , “we know it”.
Less than three months after the alarm was raised about the hacking of Indian government computers from within China, (Re-enter the dragon? )
a Canada -based think tank working with the university of Toronto has brought out a 58-page report detailing results of a year long study that reveals systematic compromise of computers in 31 countries. The origin of the attack is said to be the so-called “Shadow Network” based in Chengdu, south western China.
The overhwhelming majority of attacks have targeted India – 62 of 139 IPs—and compromised computers were traced to the National Informatics Centre, the Times of India, some institutes of strategic studies, New Delhi railway station, the Dalai Lama and a petrochemicals site.

The authors of the study do not say the attacks were officially inspired but ask what action the Chines government will now take.

Meanwhile reports in The Times of India suggest that Indian cyber security agencies including the emergency response unit CERT-IN were made aware of the compromise of India-based systems by the Toronto researchers, ahead of the report’s release, Tuesday. However the attitude seems to be : we know all that. A report from China in The Hindu, also suggest the Indian government is not about to raise the issue at the opportunity that presents itself today, Wednesday when the Foreign Minister S.M. Krishna arrives in Beijing for talks with his Chinese counterparts. In fact The Hindu report highlights the official Chinese denial rather than the fact of hacking, so clearly both governments will cultivate short term amnesia in mutual interest. We like our readers to make up their own minds -- and provide a link below to the full study report, Shadows in the Cloud, in PDF format, as well as a selection of news stories pegging the report:

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Beijing strongly denies involvement in the cyber-attacks  

April 7 2010