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Twitter launches special emoji for Indian Independence Day

August 13, 2016: As India enters its 70th year of Independence, Twitter India  has launched a new tri-colour emoji featuring the map of India. The emoji would go live on a day prior to the Independence Day,  August 14 2016 at 6:30 PM  IST till 6:30 AM,  August 17.
Indians across the world can be a part of the Independence Day conversations by using the hashtags #India #इंडिया #IndiaAt69 #भारत #IndiaIndependenceDay when composing a Tweet. The emoji will give users a fun way to Tweet, share and celebrate the historic day and express love for their country with live conversations.\
Says Raheel Khursheed (@raheelk), Head of News, Politics and Government Partnerships, Twitter India said, “As we celebrate seven decades of free India today, Twitter is delighted to join the celebrations with a customised emoji. The Twitter emojis continue to contribute towards more expressive and increasingly resonating content. It’s a matter of pride to notice that Twitter is gradually becoming an effective channel to add value to our users expressions enabling them to share their stories in a more meaningful manner.”
This is the second Independence Day emoji launched by Twitter, previously Twitter launched the first Indian flag emoji to mark the country's 69th Independence Day. 


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Twitter launches special emoji for Indian Independence Day
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