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Hike messenger marks Friendship Day with special stickers

New Delhi, August  7 2016:   As the world celebrates Friendship Day,  Hike Messenger launches a wide variety of expressive content -- stickers, fun friendship mini-series, jokes and inspiration.
Here’s all that Hikers can do for their friends:

  • Share Stickers -- A dedicated brand new “Friends Forever” pack of over 30 quirky and fun friendship-themed free stickers that include colloquial expressions, playful slangs, movie dialogues and quotes, is already live on Hike. What’s more, when combined with the 10,000+ other free stickers on Hike, conversations will be like one’s never had before!
  • Celebrate with Friendship Mini Series on News on Hike --  Surprise series on News will be available every night through the friendship season. From DIY gift ideas that you can create in under 15 minutes, to friendship stories of celebrities, to iconic scenes from series like F.R.I.E.N.D.S; Hike is giving a whole new twist to News during the weekend.
  • Laugh it Out with Friends with Special Hike Daily and Just for Laughs – Funny images around friendship on Just for Laughs and quotes on friendship on Hike Daily for you to enjoy and share with your buddies.

Hike stands for fostering and creating friendships and believes that communication can further deepen bonds between people.





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Hike messenger marks Friendship Day with special stickers
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Hike messenger marks Friendship Day with special stickers
by Jayaraj naik on   30,  2018
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