Shiv Nair, Presita Nair & Shalini Nair launching MyThofa
MyThofa lets you gift the presents that recipients really want

July 22, 2016: That very American practice of  giving presents  short listed by pragmatic hosts   has come to India has  read  the message and come up with a solution  to the  dilemma:  what does  the bride or groom or whoever really want?  How to avoid presenting the 20th pressure cooker. is a website that offers you the opportunity to create a gift registry. You choose gifts you would like from available online stores, share this gift list with your loved ones and be assured that you have saved them a whole load of hassle.
As a guest you would think, “What do I buy? Will he/she like it?” and then “Where do I buy it?” MyThofa, will solve that for you! At MyThofa you get to see the list of things that your loved ones want and buy them online too.  When your friends and family know you are saving them time, money and confusion, your practical approach will  be appreciated, feel the founders. 
Let's see if this hard nosed approach will catch on in India!

For a few days,we have a video about MyThofa in our tech video spot on the home page