Mixed signals from Magma? That's the good news!

03rd April 2010
Mixed signals from Magma? That's the good news!
Magma Design Automation's new India Managing Director -- with ( inset) the 'made-in-India' product Titan ADX

Electronic Design Automation leader Magma, used MUSIC, its annual users conference, in Bangalore last week, to unveil a slew of new products – and to introduce the company’s new Managing Director for India operations, Alok Mehrotra.

The chip design software provider announced a new static timing analysis platform, Tekton, which promises higher capacity at much faster runtimes, as well as a new statistical simulation tool, FineSim Fast Monte Carlo. It claims a hundred fold Improvement over other Monte Carlo simulation methods.
The conference which for the first time was held at other centres besides Bangalore – San Jose, California (US) and Shanghai, China—is a key event in the calendar of India-based EDA programmers. Over a third of Magma;s total workforce is based in India and the development centres at Mumbai, Noida and Bangalore have contributed to over 80 percent of the development of the company’s flagship design platform, Titan, which cannily anticipated the new environment of mixed analog-digital design. 

The more recent addition, Titan ADX or Analog Design Accelerator was virtually a ‘made in India’ product, says Magma Chairman and CEO, Rajeev Madhavan. With the company’s India centres contributing a third of the development and another third flowing from India-based software partners, the product shortens the analog design process from weeks to days reducing power and area up to 50 percent, living up to the company’s catchline: The fastest path to silicon.
The new Managing Director for India, Alok Mehrotra, returns to Magma after five years: Between 2001 and 2005 he was director of Asia-Pacific Sales. Mehrotra holds an MBA from Santa Clara University; an M.S. in electrical engineering from State University of New York at Stony Brook; and a B.S. degree in electronics & communication engineering from Manipal University in Karnataka, India.

Co-founded by Madhavan in 1997, Magma is headquartered in San Jose, Ca (US), but has its main R&D muscle -- some 300 strong -- in India.

Link to Titan ADX detail: http://www.magma-da.com/products-solutions/analogmixed/titanADX.aspx

Link top MUSIC India conference: http://www.magma-da.com/usergroups/ugindia.aspx