Pepsi leverages emojis, recalls communication from cave to keyboard

Tomorrow, July 17, is World Emoji Day
Purchase, New York (US), July 16, 2016:   From hieroglyphics to pictograms, conversations have certainly evolved – yet throughout history, non-verbal communication has continued to transcend borders, connect cultures and speak volumes, without ever uttering a word. Today, communication around the world has been emojified with the whimsical, emotion brimming and visually surprising rotund digital images moving beyond just the keyboard. In celebration of World Emoji Day on July 17  and the brand'sglobal #PepsiMoji campaign , Pepsi is opening an interactive exhibit that follows how love has been communicated through the ages.
Love: From Cave to Keyboard, imagined by Pepsi, explores the evolution of communication through the emotional lens of love – from primitive etchings on earthen walls to illustrative hieroglyphics; icons drawn by hand to icons on the screen; from <3 to today's evocative global language: emojis.
"Inspired by the communication currency of today's digital culture and our very own emoji, the iconic Pepsi globe, and the more than 1,000 proprietary PepsiMoji designs created for our global PepsiMoji program – we're bringing a unique and fun perspective on visual language and cultural conversation with this immersive exhibit," said Carla Hassan , SVP Global Brand Management, Global Beverage Group, PepsiCo.
This year, Pepsi took the world's global language – emojis – offline inviting consumers to"Say It With Pepsi" by unleashing over 1,000 proprietary PepsiMoji designs in more than 100 markets connecting people around the world through unique and provocative ways. The PepsiCo Design & Innovation Center created the catalogue of globally and locally relevant designs for a universal visual language system for the brand. To experience the full range, download the PepsiMoji Keyboard App for free on the Apple App and Google Play stores.
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