Turning chit-chat into a productive tool

29th March 2010
Turning chit-chat into a productive tool

Let’s put the lost art of conversation back into business! That seems to be the mantra behind a new made-in-India  tool for communicating, sharing, and collaborating from inside common business applications.

Called Qontext ( and pronounced ‘context’) it creates contextual conversations with colleagues, partners, and invited guests from other organizations. Streams of seemingly casual conversations often run inside a business application – but they could well join a company-wide stream that forms the core of the corporate social network. This is captured in the Qontext portal. It has grown out of a fresh look at the emerging collaboration environment for enterprises, heavily drawing from by Web 2.0 and Social Networks. Qontext is delivered in a Software as a a Service model – or  as an appliance. http://www.qontext.com/  
“Facebook and Twitter have changed the way people communicate and it is only matter of time before companies follow the model”, says Jay Pullur, Founder/CEO of Qontext – and of the parent company Pramati, “It’s Enterprise 2.0 in action and already it is dramatically changing the way employees communicate and work in the future…. The change is comparable to the way ‘Web presence’ changed the way the companies did business”.
Forrester Research has predicted that the enterprise spending on Web 2.0 technologies will increase dramatically over the next five years to a global market of $4.6 billion by the year 2013. Qontext is a canny product that anticipates this trend. It targets company’s that range in size from 500 to 5000 and to them it makes a Godfather-like offer they can’t refuse: we’ll harness work related conversations and make them work for you productively – for less than the price of a cup of coffee, per employee, per month. There are ready to use modules that can be slotted to work with ubiquitous tools like SalesForce.com.
Qontext was incubated in 2008, ten years after the parent company – a respected brand for robust Java solutions-- was formed. 

March 31 2010