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The India unveiling of Panasonic's full HD HC-PV100
In time for Monsoon Weddings,a new full HD camera from Panasonic

Bangalore, July 1, 2016:  In good time for the Indian wedding season, Panasonic has brought its new Full-HD camera - HC-PV100 -  to market here. The new Palm-type professional camera is a one model solution for all the events ranging from weddings, parties and even conferences. The new wedding camera was unveiled globally today -- and at  a Photo expo in Bangalore.
The HC-PV100 is equipped with 3 Manual Rings, and 2-Channel XLR Audio Input Terminals enabling connection to everything including microphones requiring a phantom power supply, and audio equipment with +4 dB output. The 2-Channel XLR audio input terminals enables the use of professional-specification and high-performance microphones for recording high-quality sound.  It  is provides +48V phantom power supply for condenser microphones. In addition, these features finely control the focus, iris and zoom resulting in professional needs and on-site acquisition.
Especially suited for night-time wedding parties, the new camera has a built-in LED video light with  300 lx at 1 meter. It also makes enhanced and low-light shooting possible with a hand-held type camcorder. In addition, it is equipped with two filters including colour conversion filter and diffusion filter, empowering photographers & videographers to shoot and offer great looking pictures
Says Yosuke Yamane, Head – Imaging Business Group, Panasonic,  “Indian weddings represents the colourful culture of India and deserves to be captured in the most beautiful way. Hence, there was no better place to globally launch our new wedding camera – Panasonic HC-PV100. Fully loaded with features such as built-in LED video light, two filters, dual SD card slot and 20x zoom, the Full-HD camcorder provides the photographer a phenomenal experience. With this new launch, we aim to cater to the changing demands of the present generation and their excitement to get perfectly clicked.”
The new wedding camera offers powerful zooming performance with 20x zoom lens, supporting supports a wide variety of shooting situations. Allowing an endless relay recording, the camera has dual SD card slot which lets the user exchange cards while shooting. It allows simultaneous recording and relay recording with hot swap. With this agile, handheld type camcorder with low-light shooting capability for professionals, Panasonic plans to take customer experiences to the next level making it special by providing them with a rich photographic experience.
While exact MRP is not known, the camera is below Rs 100,000.


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In time for Monsoon Weddings,a new full HD camera from Panasonic
by Makailah on July  18,  2016
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In time for Monsoon Weddings,a new full HD camera from Panasonic
by dinesh on November  27,  2016
  "Kya ye agac 90 se achha h"