Microsoft joins TCS to help Indian startup ecosystem

30th June 2016
Microsoft joins TCS to help Indian startup ecosystem
Ravi Narayan and Nagaraj Ijari at Think Next 2016 in Bangalore

Bangalore, June 30 2016. The Microsoft Accelerator programme  in India  has joined with the TCS Co-Innovation Network (COIN)  in a joint initiative to create a platform that provides a boost to the Indian startup ecosystem.
Under the collaboration, an open innovation framework will be created to mentor and engage with startups to bring their innovative solutions to market. The announcement was made  hererecently  at Think Next Summer 2016, Microsoft Accelerator’s flagship forum.
Said Ravi Narayan, Global Director, Microsoft Accelerator:  “The progress India has made in IT and entrepreneurship over the past four decades, has radically changed the landscape offering new entrepreneurs unmatched opportunities. As one of the contributors to the startup ecosystem in India, we felt it was a story worth telling. It has taken us 18 months to put this e-book together."
Added Nagaraj Ijari, Vice President and Global Head – Hi-Tech Industry Solutions Unit, TCS: “The partnership between  TCS  (COIN and Microsoft Accelerator underscores our efforts to engage deeply with the startup ecosystem and underlines our commitment to provide innovative solutions to our diverse customer base. As we enter a new phase of rapid innovation and computing, companies must co-innovate and create strategic partnerships to solve challenging problems for their customers. This partnership will offer participating startups access to the expertise and client-base of both TCS and Microsoft and will create exciting new opportunities to innovate and transform the business landscape.”
The partnership will provide startups the access to the depth of Microsoft and TCS’ networks and relationships across customers, investors, academia and industry, creating a strong value proposition in the enterprise marketplace. Microsoft Accelerator’s #CoInnovate programme and COIN by TCS aim to connect startups with corporates – who get access to innovative solutions for their business needs while providing greater market access for the startups.

Highlights from Think Next 2016
The 12 graduating startups from Summer 2016 cohort of Microsoft Accelerator – Altizon, Tarnea, Aureus Analytics, Baby Chakra, Reverie, Strides, Locus, Admission Table, Distiman,, Yellow Messenger and Report Bee presented themselves to an audience of more than 550 comprising corporates, investors, thought leaders, and Microsoft management who partnered to push the collaborative innovation.  Altizon announced the launch of iProd, a revolutionary IoT based product to empower manufacturers to optimize Productivity & Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) along with Distiman, a mobile app that maximizes profits for mom and pop retailers through on-demand stocking
Microsoft also unveiled an ebook – Timeline of Indian Startup Ecosystem ( which charts the course of the industry from 1960s till date.
“The interesting thing about India becoming a startup nation, is that this transformation happened not too long ago, and it happened around us.  We have to thank several organizations, people for their efforts and events which transpired over the last four decades. As one of the citizens of the startup ecosystem in India, we decided to take a bird’s eye of the developments. It took us almost 18 months to get here and the view is breathtaking”, said  Ravi Narayan. 

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