Extend your home hotspot

23rd May 2016
Extend your home hotspot
Digisol AC750 Wireless Range Extender

The Digisol Wireless Range Extender helps you WiFi-enable all corners of your home
Bangalore, May 23 2016: The biggest enemy of the home WiFi hotspot is the very nature of modern construction -- all that steel in the concrete  distorts and  dampens the free passage of radio waves. You attach a wireless router to your broadband cable and expect to  access Internet on  a laptop or a mobile in every room of your flat.  But you find  there are many corners  with poor or no signal. 
That is where  the Digisol AC 750 ( DG-WR4801AC)  wireless range extender comes in as a lifesaver. Getting it working is very easy especially if your WiFi network uses WPS for its security  ( as 80 % of  routers do). You plug the range extender into any power outlet and hold the WPS button  for a few seconds. When it flashes, you go to your router and press its reset button.   The two devices are paired and the range extender's signal light glows  showing that a connection has been made either in the 5 GHz band or the 2.4 GHz band -- this is a dual band extender that works at the highest current WiFi speed called 802.11 ac.
We used the Digisol extender in the middle of an apartment with the router near the main door.  A tablet PC which could barely get a signal in the farthest bedroom,  now showed  medium to good signal strength. 
The device costs Rs 2899 and will  save many home users from having to buy a more powerful router