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Zoho's 3500-strong R&D Centre at Guduvanchery, on the outskirts of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India and ( right) CEO Sridhar Vembu
Zoho unveils quartet of new software solutions, ' Made in India. Made for the World'

Chennai, April 20, 2016:  Indian software solutions and service company Zoho,  has unveiled new  iterations  to its slate of busines products , reimagining  key elements for a mobile, cloud-enabled era.
In its 20th year the company  which boasts 18 million users world-wide for its  productivity and collaboration tools,  has launched  four new or revamped products:
-              The new avatar of  free-to-use Zoho Writer has  transformed its flagship word processor into a minimalistic new product which retains all the usual  features -- albeit hidden away in a  see-when-required desighn.
-              The all-new Zoho AppCreator,  an on-request  web-based software tool  that enables users to create mobile apps, without knowing iOS or Android programming languages.
-              A new, free,  note-taking tool, ZohoNotebook, which offers  multiple text, image and video  formats within a mobile environment.
-              Gamescope, a new feature  for clients of  Zoho Projects  that facilitates employees to play friendly games with one another and earn rewards.
Coming soon: our detailed review of these products

Introducing the quartet of  mobile tools, ata media event at  the company's  12-storey,  37,500 sq metre R&D headquarters on the outskirts of Chennai,  Zoho CEO Sridhar Vembu, reiterated  Zoho's determination to  fund all its expansion without seeking investment  from the market.  The company   which  has a 3500-strong  team of developers, expects to spend  $ 10 million on a new India-based data centre to drive its cloud -based service.


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Zoho unveils quartet of new software solutions, ' Made in India. Made for the World'
by deepa on April  12,  2017
  " deepa, studied b.ecse, i want job here. And i learned online course of modern application development"
Zoho unveils quartet of new software solutions, ' Made in India. Made for the World'
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