Telangana state sets target of 500 m-gov apps

10th April 2016
Telangana state sets target of 500 m-gov apps
Jayesh Ranjan, Secretary, Information Technology, Electronics and Communication Department, Government of Telangana speaking at the IAMAI and Google Start-Up Summit in Hyderabad on April 8, 2016.

From Leela Rani Dondapati
Hyderabad April 10 , 2016:  Telangana has set an ambitious target:  to develop 500 Apps for m-Governance. Some 20 apps are expected to be launched by June 2, on Telangana formation day
Said  Jayesh Ranjan, Secretary, Information Technology, Electronics & Communications Department, Government of Telangana, at the Startup Summit, organized by the Internet and Mobile Association of India, IAMAI, last week: " We wish to develop G2C apps to serve important public needs. Through Technology utility services would be given to the people, things become more streamlined using mobile technology. The entire task would be given to Start-Ups through empanelment in mobile app development.  There are terrific opportunities in the domain of Start-ups and we aim to develop world class applications at T-Hub.”. The state government is supported by Google  and AIMAI in this plan
Added Vishwanath Alluri, the Founder of IMImobile: " Start-up summit is a great learning experience for many young entrepreneurs of the Hyderabad as they get to not only network with other entrepreneurs; but also learn from valuable experiences of other successful entrepreneurs.
Said Sonam Mondal, Founder, Triveous: "Giving the right product to the right people matters. In a Start-Up get everybody to care about the design. Design features that address the customer need, focus on user value proposition.”
 Dr. Subho Ray, President, IAMAI, said: “IAMAI is working closely with the industry and the government to support and boost the digital start-up community in India.
 Sumir Verma, Founder, Merisis added,” Solve the problem of the consumer, look at the value proposition of the solution as value proposition is not only for the end-user, it is for the entire eco-system.” 
Vinneta Dixit, Public Policy and Government Relations, Google, India said: “New business models are being disrupted in India. We collate interesting use cases. Tier2 and Tier3 towns are where we find our growth. Eleven Indian languages are supported by Google; we wish to take it to 22.”
“Mobile is transforming the Indian economy, creating new opportunities for start-ups and consumers alike. We are happy to partner with IAMAI to showcase innovative products, services enabled through mobile technologies. We hope that there is a continued policy support for growing the mobile economy,” said Chetan Krishnaswamy, Head Public Policy, Google India.