Keep track of your loved ones -- by smartphone

03rd March 2010
Keep track of your loved ones -- by smartphone

Hyderabad-based GPS Navigation tools provider SatNav Technologies, has launched a useful free tool for ordinary Indians which will help them, keep track of aged loved ones, children, pets – or their lost mobile phones. It can also be used by businesses to keep in tabs on their vehicular fleets or mobil personnel.

Called SatTracx Locator, and based on Global Positioning System satellite technology, the application needs a small software tool to be downloaded to GPS-equipped mobile smart phones – and the devices registered at a dedicated call centre run by SatNav Technologies. The device will send out signals to a computer at the centre.. To locate this mobile, friends & family will have to contact the call center which will provide the caller with coordinates of the one who needs to be located. The privacy of the individual is safeguarded with the provision of a password that is only supplied to the mobile which needs to be tracked.
The same smart application can be used to trace a lost mobile phone at any given time. They will now be able to locate their lost handsets within seconds even if the SIM card is changed.

The SatTracx application can be downloaded for free from  . Once the application is on the mobile phone, and the registration process is complete, a password is sent to the phone. This password should be shared only with the people who are allowed to know the location of the mobile phone user. SatTracx Locator guarantees privacy by ensuring that the location is disclosed only when the caller provides this password.
To know the location, users of Airtel, Reliance and (Tata)Docomo can dial their short codes directly, Othe users has to buy talk time at and call the SatNav call centre foll free at 1800-103-5656. A live agent will check the password and then send by SMS as well as email the location coordinates of the person / mobile device up to an accuracy of 1 kilometer, and 5 to 10 meters if the mobile device has GPS inbuilt. The caller can buy talk time for the customer care center at Rs 600 for a period of 6 months and 90 minutes of talk time with an additional 15 minutes free and pro rata for one year. The Call Centre operates from 6:30 am to 11:30 pm through the week. The service can also be availed by internet access as well as an SMS based service.

Amit Prasad, CEO, SatNav Technologies, says, “SatTracx comes as a boon in today’s fast paced world, where people are constantly worried about their children, friends, employees and relatives. Our research has proved that there are many obstacles that people face in their daily lives in reaching out to others, there are huge problems of disconnect, misdirection, logistics, loss and pilferage too. I predict that SatTracx Locator services will go a long way in improving efficiency, safety and security in the country.”
For those who do not have a GPS smartphone, Satnav is also offering online at their site , the Asus 320, a GPS, GPRS Bluetooth and WiFi enabled phone running on Windows Mobile 6.1 professional, with the SatTracsx application pre loaded with theSatGuide navigation software for over 600 cities in India. The phone can be bought for Rs 9999, a 33 percent discount on MRP.

Bangalore March 4 2010