A mobile commerce platform for small retailers

30th March 2016
A mobile commerce platform for  small retailers

March 31 2016: M1Order is a new age mobile commerce platform, specially designed for local enterprises including kirana stores and restaurants, to enable them list their products online. Apart from getting a mobile platform, enterprises can  also use their print collaterals- newspaper ads, magazines ads, product catalogs, menus and even ubiquitous business cards- to generate orders via m1Order app.
“The Universal Ordering App” for businesses, M1 Order was built with the sole aim of enabling affordable technology access to small and mid-size retailers. Retailers get a platform to connect to their existing and prospective customers through mobile, social media and print campaigns. M1 Order breathes new life into the age old printed product catalog or menu by providing a call to action to customers for placing a direct order from the print. Virtual marketplace feature empowers retailers to showcase their products for direct ordering to consumers via the app. 
Unlike other apps and websites where retailers are charged a hefty commission monthly, M1 Order is absolutely free of cost to showcase products! Retailer has to pay just Rs  5/order.  “Re-ordering” is another Win-win feature assisting both consumers and retailers. No more missed business calls, order misplacing or missed orders…retailers can coolly cash-in every opportunity knocking at their doors. Managing multiple stores, branches, users, generating catalogs, promo offers, generating customized M1 codes, assigning user roles...
M1 Order  is popular in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Bengaluru. With more than 5000 live stores on their marketplace and 5000+ orders, M1 Order is going places.  Website: http://m1-order.com/