Samsung patent applications suggest it might be working on a rollout or foldable phone display
Foldable phones may not be far away

March 27 2016:  Samsung's latest update to its flagship phone, the Galaxy S7, also comes in a curved version -- Galaxy S7 Edge.  But as phones become bigger and less pocketable, is another  revolution in the offing?  Bendable  OLED may be a pointer.

A 7-inch device is a tablet. A 6.5 inch device is a phone. Both  make and receive calls and connect to the Internet.  Where can mobile phones  go next?  Perhaps they can fold themselves, or roll into a shell like snails.  A few days ago details of a patent application made by Samsung to the US Patent Office  in November last year   became known. The patent, titled Foldable Device and Method of Controlling the Same,  shows a design where the display is folded  like a wallet. Another tentative Samsung design shows the display rolled up, to be pulled open before use.  Is this the shape of phones to come  that will offer larger screens without  a larger package?  Organic Light Emitting Diode  or OLED   displays  are inherently  flexible -- and analysts   predict Samsung may harness this technology to roll out a foldable phone by year end. It  tested foldable  and rollout  displays  even  3 years ago  which you can check out  in a YouTube  video   called  "2014 Samsung Flexible OLED Display Phone and Tab Concept".