Flashy newcomer! NAND Flash drives take on hard disks
Flash forward: cost per TB of NAND Flash set to fall below hard disks this year, Says EMC

Bangalore, March 3 2016:   The inflexion point has come in the  enterprise storage business. Some time  in 2016,   the cost per terabyte of  Flash storage will fall below  that of magnetichard disk  drives (HDDs) --  which will make all-flash primary storage the rule rather than the exception.
In a Webinar   conducted by CyberMedia  and hosted  by EMCAbhijit Potnis, Director Tech Solutions, EMC,  India and SAARC,  said NAND Flash  which cost $ 470/TB in early 2015,   to  $ 237/TB for  Hard Disk Drives, was poised to  fall dramatically to around $ 150/TB  this year, at which point it will be cheaper than Hard disks which are expected to sell for $ 169/TB.  By 2020  Flash is seen to plummet to $ 9/TB at which time HDDs may be around $ 74.
Which is why almost all  enterprise storage providers  have already begun offering all-Flash options.  EMC's VMAX Flash solutions are true mission critical systems  which realize and unleash the full potential of Flash  Potnis added.  These linearly scalable  Flash Packs range from 13 TB per unit to 53 TB. By Q2 2016, EMC would be able to offer compression and non-disruptive mobility with Flash solutions.
Data  today is a masala mix of structured and unstructured  requiring a seamless move from batch processing to Real Time  processing -- and Flash will deliver handsomely  on these  demands, Potnis said.

Time to Flash  Forward?