More MWC tech that'll touch you --soon

28th February 2016
More MWC tech that'll touch you --soon

February 29 2016: Two more  technologies from MWC Barcelona 2016:
1.AR with Glasses : In Augmented  Reality ,  computer graphics  and projections  are overlaid on top of objects in the real world, adding to the richness of the information our eyes take in.  The Google Glass and Microsoft's HoloLens  are the two best examples of AR  and  both are nowhere near wide availability.
From Japan, Epson  has quietly  crept ahead with its Moverio smart glasses  and  last week unveiled   the latest model -- BT-300 -- laying claim to being the  world's  lightest binocular smart glasses.  What's more,   they have created  use   scenarios  which  make sense  for lay users in India.  Consider:  You pedaling on an exercise or jogging on a treadmill in your health club. What if the club provided a pair of Moverio glasses so that, you saw a rolling landscape  which gave you the illusion that you were actually exercising in the open -- or on an athletic track! The glasses  cost the equivalent of Rs 50,000 today  but   this will fall  with demand and clubs might consider it a value-addition.  Epson also demo'ed how  the glasses could be made available in museums  to  provide additional information about the exhibits.

2. 3-D without glasses: At Barcelona,  visitors were  treated to the world's first live  SuperD  livecast :  stunning technology whereby they could see a full 3-D moving image -- without the hassle of glasses.  The system  is small enough to fit into a small  box,  only slightly larger than a spectacle case.  The content is projected on to a panel that reflects it to the viewer's eye, while it seems to  emanate from virtual space behind the panel.  SuperD comes from a Chinese maker who is tying up with  movie companies like DreamWorks  to offer a large library of 3-D movies  for glasses-free viewing. This might well be the tipping point that pulls 3-D back   from the doldrums.