InMobi heads Indian players in global ranking of most innovative companies

Bangalore, February 17, 2016: The world’s largest independent mobile advertising platform -- InMobi  --has been named the most innovative company in India for the year 2016 by Fast Company.
InMobi also holds the 15th rank in the ‘World’s top 50 most innovative companies in 2016’ beating major global brands such as AirBNB, SnapChat and GE.  It is one of the only 2 Indian companies to make the list.
(The other is  #45: Noora Health a Bangalore-based nonprofit with a hospital education platform that helps patients and their at-home caretakers learn skills for recovering from a major medical event like surgery or managing chronic conditions like diabetes.)
Fast Company says: “[InMobi] is in a unique position to capitalize on the explosion of Internet use among [Indian] citizens. It also partnered with the Android software start-up APUS, taking it further into China - where Google currently isn't.”
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