Resonate's Founder-Director Sudhir Sathiyamoorthy with the award-winning RouterUPS ( enlarged in inset. Router is not part of the device) Photo: IndiaTechOnline
RouterUPS promises uninterrupted home WiFi

From Anand Parthasarathy
Bangalore, February 15 2016: Some ideas are so elegantly  simple, we ask ourselves 'why didn't anyone think  of that before?'  I was struck by this thought when I  saw  the Router UPS  which won Bangalore-based Resonate, the Best Startup award last week,  at the Vision Summit of the India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA). 
Many of us  have a home WiFi  router  which lets us wirelessly use the same  wired broadband Internet connection, across multiple PCs, laptops and mobile phones. We are  also plagued  by frequent  power cuts  because the router which takes its power from a mains power adapter, goes off every time.  In my own case, a sort of perverse  Murphy's Law seems to operate -- such interruptions to my Net connection, invariably occur when I am in the last stage of an e-commerce transaction, entering my credit card number.
Resonate thought:  why not create a special  UPS for routers -- a scaled-down version  on the lines of the power bank one uses  to charge phones?  The Router UPS is just that, a palm -sized battery backup for  all standard routers  that offers up to 2000 mAh and   4 hours of backup -- enough for most  urban power cuts. The UPS  comes with three different bridge cables,    which between them should match any router in the market. You remove  the  power adapter  that comes with the router,  and insert the UPS between the router and the adapter, then plug  the adapter to the mains.  That's it!  As Resonate  founder Sudhir Sathiyamurthy says, ' When power goes, the WiFi doesnt!'  
One caution.  You need  to closely examine the power adapter of your router and buy the Router UPS model  that matches the   DC voltage requirement of the router -- usually 5, 9 or 12 volts.  The 12V 2A Router UPS is currently available at FlipKart and Amazon for Rs 1499. The 5V and 9 V versions cost Rs 1299.